Weekly Net Announcement

After much internal deliberation and feedback from the community, we have decided on a weekly net time. Tuesday Nights at 7:30 pm starting next week on March 2, 2021. We would like to invite all amateurs, regardless of license level, to participate in our weekly nets. However, please be aware that this will not be a normal 'round-robin' style net you are used to.

Each week we will conduct a directed net that serves two purposes. The first is to provide a weekly weather outlook (if necessary) of any upcoming severe weather that could have the potential to activate spotters (more on that here). The second is to provide/discuss a short program related to storm spotters. Topics will be announced ahead of time via our social media channels.

Following the two primary purposes of the net, we will open up to any discussion spotter/weather-related. Anyone wishing to stay and chat in a typical net afterward is more than welcome, and our NCS will stick around to facilitate this.

For any questions or comments related to our weekly nets, please reach out to he[email protected] and we will be glad to have a conversation!

For our registered spotters: participation in the weekly net is a commitment to be present during any potential weather for that week (Tues-Monday). If you are unable make this commitment but would like to participate in the net anyway, please contact [email protected].