About Us

The Northwest Arkansas Skywarn program operates under a memorandum of understanding with the NWS and our local county offices of emergency communications. Spotters and net control operators are licensed, amateur radio operators.

Our Skywarn nets are called up when severe weather approaches the area of responsibility of the National Weather Service office in Tulsa. This area is Benton, Carroll, Washington, Madison, Crawford, Franklin, and Sebastian Counties.


Location Frequency Offset
Green Forest, Bradshaw Mountain 145.3100 -0.6 MHz
Bentonville 146.8650 -0.6 MHz
Fayetteville, Kessler Mountain 147.3150 +0.6 MHz
Huntsville Municipal Airport 443.6250 +5 MHz

To protect the integrity of our repeater system, we have intentionally removed the PL Tones from our online listing of repeaters. If you need this information, please email us at [email protected].
Our repeater system is graciously donated and maintained by Jon Williams, K5DVT.

Net Control Operators

Our net control operators are required to have the same training as our spotters, as well as having completed the required FEMA courses. They are regularly trained in areas of traffic handling, net etiquette, and repeater controls. If you are interested in becoming a net control operator, please contact our personnel coordinator.